Building Regulations Application

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Building Regulations Applications in Bristol

Unlike planning permission, Building Regulations Approval is a different kind of administration and is required for most projects. It’s an approved document signed off by the Local Authority Building Control to confirm that your building is secure, adheres to fire safety rules and the standards for design are compliant with the regulations

What is a Building Regulations Application?

Building regulations apply to most buildings. They are required to building work such as construction of an extension, converting your house into flats, conversion of a loft into a functioning room or a conversion of a garage to a habitable room such as a store or hobbies room.

It’s also about the finer details as well. From structural alterations, installation of cavity insulation, installment of new or placement windows, underpinning your house, drainage work including the installation of a sink or toilet or building work that affects a public sewer. It must be noted that the installation or extension of a building or fitting is controlled under the regulations.

With state of the art techniques, Measured Surveys present the most comprehensive document possible for the exterior and interior of your building project. The drawings can be used as an existing record of the building and for the preparation of proposed drawings. Plus the measured floor plans give a correct representation of the building which is backed up by elevations and cross sections are presented as a scaled survey drawing.

What does it involve? How To Obtain Building Regulations Approval In Bristol

Drawings are carried out to detail the construction and specific notes to confirm that the project is fit for purpose. Once approved these drawings can be used for the build. It doesn’t stop there though as a completion inspection must be carried out before your building contractor has finished and left the site. This is a legal requirement under the building regulations to ensure that your building works comply with building regulations, you must give notice when your work reaches a particular stage, the council will then carry out an inspection. This will be completed by an approved and qualified inspector.

You will be the one responsible for the completion of any corrections to the work. The council will then provide a completion certificate if all relevant site inspections have been carried out and the works comply with the building control application or approved plans.

How will Maddox Design Ltd assist with your Building Regulations Application?

We understand the sometimes complex nature of Building Regulations Applications and act as your agent to obtain approval from the Local Authority. As there are different types of applications we can guide on the best type of application for your planned build, extension or alteration work.

We’ll also advise on whether you may need Planning Permission depending on your proposed project alongside your regularisation application and assist with the full plans application form to enable work to start and work to be carried out.

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