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CAD Modelling in Bristol

When working on a new building project a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Model is a visual representation of what you’re looking to achieve from concept to completion. It ensures that you’re happy with the overall look and elements of the development before work starts to turn your ideas into reality.

How can Maddox Design Ltd assist with CAD Modelling?

CAD Modelling is part of the foundations of a building project and a visual representation of what you want to achieve. Our expert technicians are able to generate a 3D model or 2D Computer-Aided Design technical drawings as part of the design processes through conceptual design. Using CAD software to present a 2D drafting of the design, or create a 3D engineering design of the physical prototypes we are able to see a ‘real world’ representation.

Maddox Design Ltd are committed to providing high-quality designs with our mechanical engineers who will work with your through the manufacturing process and product development of the CAD systems to ensure the product design is to your highest standard. These engineering drawings are utilised for data management in the grand scheme of the project to refer to time and time again. Plus when the project requires one to assist our client or Local Authority, it’s a solution to further understand the design and its interaction within site parameters.

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