Construction Project Management in Bristol and the south west

By Maddox Design Ltd in Bristol

Construction Project Management in Bristol

So you’ve completed all the administration ahead of your building project, now it’s time to lay the foundations and start working on your vision. No matter how big or small the specific task at hand, successful project management is required to make sure that everything runs smoothly and to time. Maddox Design Ltd have used their expertise on all types of projects and portfolio management and can help you too.

Is it necessary to have Project Manager?

Take the stress off your shoulders by enlisting the help of a project manager. Day to day life can get in the way, especially when you’ve got the added pressure of an ongoing development – sometimes taking place on your own doorstep. This service can maintain the quality of the build, and address any problems at an early stage and inform you of project progress with gantt charts, and any adjustments to project plans.

From initiating planning executing to the completion of the agile project management plan, you’ll be relieved at what can be achieved. Plus, in the event that a disagreement ensures between the contractor and the client, the project supervisor is able to assist with mediation.

How can Maddox Design Ltd assist with Project Management?

With years of experience in Project Management across Bristol and the South West, from residential to commercial and industrial projects, we are confident that Maddox Design Ltd will assist you every step of the way. Thanks to our expertise, knowledge, skillset and portfolio of projects over the years we are here to answer any questions and put into action your needs.

From complex projects to new builds and specialist designs to fit your needs, we have also developed designs for adaptive living to include wheelchair and hoist access. Perhaps your workplace is in need of improvements. One business case, for instance, commissioned a car park roof cover design. Its curved roof design reflected the shape and form of buildings occupying the site. The design was used to obtain preliminary costings for the project and we were able to manage the project at the most convenient time and pace for the workforce.

Construction can face a multitude of challenges, so let us take care of the large scale jobs to ease any difficulties to complete the project on time and on budget. Maddox Design Ltd bring together a highly skilled, reliable and trusted project team who have worked on all manner of successful projects. We utilise our project management tools and resources to provide the right materials and the right trades team members for the job to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality of service possible.

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