Measured Surveys

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Measured Surveys in Bristol

With most building projects, a measured survey is required for the development of a property when you’re looking to build from the foundations up or to add an extension – whether that’s an additional dwelling, attached or detached garage or additional office accommodation for instance.

They are used for most residential, commercial and industrial buildings as one of the first stages to consider.

What is a Measured Survey?

Measured Surveys are particularly useful for when homeowners want detailed information for designing the safety plan of a building project. From floor levels to ceiling heights and roof plans they are carried out for verification and record purposes. Used for calculating the area and identifying gaps between the original plan and the actual construction, they present an accurate representation of your building showing all the structural elements and architectural features.

With state of the art techniques, Measured Surveys present the most comprehensive document possible for the exterior and interior of your building project. The drawings can be used as an existing record of the building and for the preparation of proposed drawings. Plus the measured floor plans give a correct representation of the building which is backed up by elevations and cross sections are presented as a scaled survey drawing.

How are they produced?

Using the latest laser scanning technologies a full measured building survey is carried out on land or any existing properties to produce a basic floor layout, to 2D designs and full 3D models – depending on your requirements.

Surveyors use digital equipment and laser scanners to take measurements of sites and buildings to produce accurate drawings to scale. When the drawing is linked to the topographic survey, the report is comprehensive and most useful for the following stages of the architecture.

Who choose Maddox Design Ltd for your Measured Surveys

It’s essential to request a measured survey from an expert to reduce the risk of unnecessary delays, disputes and disagreements. Maddox Design Ltd are highly experienced architectural designers with years of knowledge and skills who are on hand to assist you. Our level of detail for each client is carried out effectively and efficiently and we exceed expectations by working closely with consultants, contractors and other associated professionals to cover all aspects of building from inception to completion.

Our survey services include the initial visit to the site where we will specify an agreed level of detail, to acceptable tolerances, scale, delivery times and costs to ensure best architectural practice.

We deal with all types of surveys and work of architecture across Bristol and the South West. Accredited by Planning Agents Bristol City Council we are also LABC Partners – Local Authority Building Control – which represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales to ensure that you’re getting the best service possible. We also follow the latest RICS guidelines – globally recognised professional body who provide a framework of rules.

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