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Planning Applications in Bristol
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At Maddox Design Ltd we are with you every step of the when with your building project, from the initial consultation to the complete build, plus the all important paperwork in between. One vital piece of administration we can help you with is the Planning Application.

What is a Planning Application?

Under the Town and Country Planning Act most developments require a Planning Application. Whether you’re building something new or making a major change to your building such as building an extension, Planning Applications are required.

They are also necessary when changing the use of an existing building – for example converting a vacant property in a town centre location into a new coffee shop. It’s an official document which declares that your building project is fit for purpose and is in line with Local Council legislation.

Do I need a Planning Application?

Not all work requires a planning application, but allowances of what can and can’t be built or developed on is subject to your local council. It’s also worth investigating whether your building project comes under ‘permitted development rights’ which levvys the need for an application. We will guide you on what elements require planning permission and those that do not.

You will, however, also need to include a Design and Access Statement if you’re applying for a major development, a development of one or more houses in a conservation area, a development of at least 100 square metres in a conservation area, or listed building consent.

How will Maddox Design Ltd help me with my Planning Application?

We understand the complications of Planning Applications, that’s why Maddox Design Ltd will act as your agent to complete all necessary application forms, drawings and support documentation. On your behalf we will apply for Planning Permission via the Planning Portal. Plus we’ll also monitor the application through the planning permission process and deal with any enquiries from the Local Authority. That includes decision notices which will then lead onto further planning and build consultations.

Different councils require different application requirements and we have the right knowledge to satisfy these additions. We can also guide on making sure your development meets the requirements of the local plan.

As accredited Planning Agents by Bristol City Council and our years of Project Management experience, we can confidently maintain the quality of your application and address any issues and questions that may arise.

What’s involved with the Planning Application?

Due to the thorough nature of Planning Applications, we will assist and pinpoint what needs to be consented to and signed by you. Included in your planning application is:

  • Signed and dated application form, including relevant certificate of ownership
  • Site location plan
  • Site layout plan
  • Plans and drawings
  • Planning fee, or documentation to show why you are exempt from the fee

Please note that your signature, email address and telephone number will be removed before the local council publish your application online – but your name and address will be made available via the council website whilst the planning permission process is still active.

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