One could say that obtaining planning permission should be relatively simple but in reality it is full of pitfalls to catch out those who do not deal with it on a regular basis; even the website of Bristol City Council advise that only basic information can be supplied. So why not leave it to experts at Maddox Designs ltd?

Under the Town and Country Planning Act, it is your responsibility, as owner of the property or land in question, to ensure that you are acting in accordance with planning legislation, including any local requirements. You might think you have Permitted Development Rights which allow you to make some minor changes to your home without planning permission, but this can be a complex issue.

Bristol City Council, or any other local authority for that matter, will consider whether what you intend to do suits the existing property and blends in with the neighbourhood? Will the work impact on wildlife in the area? What do your neighbours think about your plans? Never assume that that small porch you plan to erect on your back door, the work to your roof or the security fence and gates you have been meaning to erect around your property do not need planning permission.

Every local authority in England and Wales accepts planning applications on line and Bristol City Council is no exception. You will need all the Information relevant to your application and the ability to attach any plans, drawings and other relevant documents. You will also need to be able to identify what level of fee you need to pay; even this is not as straightforward as it sounds.

Having considered how complex the requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act can be, we hope you will agree that the quickest way to move forward with a planning application is to leave it to experts. You should see this as an investment in a job done properly first time. The information we submit on your behalf will be accurate, ensuring that the case is not referred back and there are no nasty surprises waiting for you later in the process. Allowing us to deal with your application will remove any nagging doubts that you have as to whether you have acted properly, leaving you free to get on with the other important aspects of your project, rather than getting bogged down in paper work.