During the construction of a new building, contractors should ensure that planning applications are adhered to. Whether the building is commercial, domestic or industrial a good plan ensure that you do not incur unnecessary correction cost. A planning application is a legal requirement for building. Failure to have it puts the owners at risk. The government may also call for the demolition of houses that do not meet the required standards. Planning is compulsory for any new construction. Plans have to be drawn by a qualified architect and must have accurate millimetre. The following are guidelines for what you should look for when making building plans:

Approved building sites

Some construction sites are pre-approved. If the contractor is executing construction as per the framework provided, there is no need to seek planning applications. However, any variations or extensions of the laid down procedure will require consultation.

Layout, use and Access to other houses

It should be a compliment to that of other houses in the neighbourhood. Certain parts of the country require adherence to specific layout standards. It is imperative that a planning is adhered accordingly. Newly built houses should not limit the access to other buildings near them. Make sure that the natural environment is not damaged to ensure successful planning is carried out. The officers responsible for planning are not impressed by such actions. The new building should not disrupt the life of those already living there. An establishment that will cause parking problems is likely to be.

Privacy and Amenity

A little spacing is between the neighbour’s buildings and your own. The aim is to ensure privacy is maintained to prevent violation of planning standards. A distance of 21 metres is for homes with transparent windows facing each other. A minimum of 12 may be if only one of the houses has transparent windows.

Presentation and appearance

The height, width and architecture of the new home are crucial. The new house should not be too imposing especially on open streets. The house should blend into the natural landscape of the environment. Application inspectors are bound to approve if the constructions standard are.

Existing structure and shared property

When existing structures are to other people’s property, one should ensure that they are at least 5 metres away. This is because there might be technical and engineering issues that may cause a conflict of interest. There should structural calculations in case one wants to build on top of an existing structure. It ensures safety standards are at all times.